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Nicola Lepp is an expert in cultural theory and exhibition curator and since 2015 she has held a professorship in cultural education at the FH Potsdam; she has been curating thematic exhibitions in various constellations since 2001. Among the most significant are: "GRIMMWELT Kassel," 2015; "Museum of Vessels," Humboldt Lab Dahlem, Berlin 2013; "Arbeit. Sinn und Sorge," Dresden 2009; "PSYCHOanalyse. Sigmund Freud zum 150. Geburtstag," 2006; "Der Neue Mensch. Obsessionen des 20. Jahrhunderts," 1999; Her research focuses on the theory and practice of things as well as critical pedagogic and educational museum theory.

Nina Wiedemeyer is an arts and media scholar. Since 2015 she has worked as research coordinator for the laboratory group for cultural techniques at the Universität Erfurt. Together with Felix Sattler she curated the exhibition "Mehr von Weniger. Die Sehnsucht nach Einfachheit und die Lust am Überfluss," Vögele Kultur Zentrum Pfäffikon SZ (2015), and together with Nicola Lepp, the exhibition "Museum der Gefäße" at the Humboldt Lab Dahlem, Berlin (2013). Most recently she published texts on the book as medium, craftsmanship and exhibiting. In 2014, at the Universität der Künste Berlin she developed the online magazine Wissen der Künste.