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Theme island “Making Europe(s),” photo: Jens Ziehe
Theme island “Europe Collected - Adolf Bastian, Rudolf Virchow and the Ethnological Collections Dahlem,” photo: Jens Ziehe
Theme island “Provincializing Europe – the Afrocentric Gaze,” photo: Jens Ziehe
Theme island “Carried to Europe – The (Re-)discovery of the Baby Sling,” photo: Jens Ziehe
App “Bordercheck,” © Neofonie Mobile
Theme island “Little Box of Relationships – Early Forms of “Globalized” Art,” photo: Jens Ziehe
Theme island “The mountains, not near, not far… – Comparison of 17th-century landscape drawings from the Netherlands and China,” photo: Jens Ziehe

Please click on a picture above to open the slide show with installation views of “EuropeTest.”