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Travelogue / Teaser

In the late 19th century, Adolf Bastian, director of the Berliner Museum für Völkerkunde (Museum of Ethnology Berlin), commissioned the Norwegian captain and explorer Johan Adrian Jacobsen with the procurement of the most “original” objects from the American Northwest Coast. Jacobsen returned to Berlin with not only approximately 3,000 artifacts, but also an impressive account of his expedition. As a historical document, this account is to be part of an exhibition module at the Humboldt-Forum that critically deals with its own history of collecting. For the project “Travelogue,” the Humboldt Lab commissioned two groups of artists to translate the very personal record into a contemporary narrative format. The result was a video by Das Helmi puppet theater and a computer game along with an augmented reality presentation, by the media art group gold extra. Both probe the boundaries of knowledge dissemination in the museum in a non-didactic manner.

You can find a detailed description of the project here.