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Man – Object – Jaguar / Teaser

The aim of the exhibition was to convey to museum-goers the way in which indigenous groups of the Amazonian lowlands understand the world, and to visualize the theory of perspectivism. Humans, objects and animals can equally take on the status of a person. The most important object was a shaman’s stool in the shape of a jaguar from the ethnological collection. The ethnologist Andrea Scholz and the artist Sebastián Mejía did not tell a classical story of an object, however, but placed the visitors at the center of a complex media installation: when walking through the installation, designed like an adventure path, they themselves underwent a number of perspectival changes — from human to object to animal. During the course of the process-oriented exhibition, accompanying workshops were held for specific target groups. The results were directly integrated into the installation.

You can find a detailed description of the project here.