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Helmut Groschwitz
Cultural anthropologist and curator. Studies and doctorate in Regensburg, several cooperations between museum and university, followed by interim professorship in Bonn. Focuses of his work are the history of science, cultural heritage, museum theory and narrative research.

Léontine Meijer-van Mensch
Historian and museologist, deputy director of the Museum Europäischer Kulturen in Berlin. Has worked and taught at the Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Europa-Universität Viadrina, Reinwardt Academie Amsterdam, amongst others.

Elisabeth Tietmeyer
Ethnologist, sociologist and European ethnologist, director of the Museum Europäischer Kulturen in Berlin. Previously director of the Europe department at the Ethnologisches Museum in Berlin. Ethnographic fieldwork in Kenya and the Ukraine.

Sarah Wassermann
Scientific assistant at the Museum Europäischer Kulturen. Studied art history, English philology with focus on cultural studies and cultural sciences in Berlin.

Jane Redlin
Curator at the Museum Europäischer Kulturen in Berlin. Studied ethnology at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin. PhD in European ethnology: "Secular funeral rites. Commemoration of the dead, state funerals and private burials in the GDR."

Raffael Dedo Gadebusch
Art historian and deputy director of the Museum für Asiatische Kunst in Berlin (previously Museum für Indische Kunst).

Alberto Saviello
Art historian and member of the DFG research group "Transcultural Negotiations in the Ambits of Art" at the FU Berlin. Studied art history in Düsseldorf, Rome and Munich. Former research fellow and assistant at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz, the LMU Munich and the FU Berlin.

Paola Ivanov
Ethnologist and curator of the Africa collection at the Ethnologisches Museum; professorial dissertation: "Translocality, consumerism and aesthetics in Islamic Zanzibar. A practice-theoretical study." Bayreuth 2013; Exhibitions: "Benin – 500 Years of Courtly Art from Nigeria" (Berlin).

Peter Junge
Ethnologist and long-term curator of the Africa collection at the Ethnologisches Museum. Exhibition selection: "Art from Africa" (Berlin, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia), "The Tropics. Views from the Middle of the Globe." (Berlin, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Bangkok,) "Abstraction as a World Language" (Berlin).

Holm Bevers
Art historian and head custodian at the Kupferstichkabinett in Berlin. Studies and doctorate in art history; special field: drawings and prints from the Netherlands; publications on drawings by Rembrandt and his school, amongst others.

Klaas Ruitenbeek
Director of the Museum für Asiatische Kunst. Formerly East Asia curator at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, with a professorship in art history and the archeology of China at the LMU Munich, curator for East Asian Art at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.

Uta Rahman-Steinert

Curator at the Asian Art Museum. Chief area of expertise: 20th century Chinese art and contemporary Korean art.

Ricarda Brosch
Student of East Asian Art History and China Studies at Freie Universität Berlin, previously scholarship holder at Peking University. Currently intern at the Museum für Asiatische Kunst, Museen Dahlem.

Annkathrin Hoppe
Student of European, East Asian and African art history at the Freien Universität Berlin, student assistant at the Kolleg-Forschergruppe BildEvidenz (FU Berlin) as well as for Prof. Tanja Michalsky (UdK Berlin).

Katharina Kepplinger
Scientific assistant at the Ethnologisches Museum. Studied cultural and social anthropology, Spanish and museology in Vienna and Madrid. Has also worked as distributions assistant for audio guides for museums and exhibitions.

Neofonie Mobile
Neofonie Mobile specializes in cross-platform and cross-channel solutions for mobile devices, especially for smartphones and tablets running on iOS, Android and Windows.
They have carried out projects for Berliner Philharmoniker, die Süddeutsche Zeitung and Die Welt, amongst others.