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Knight Moves / Teaser

Similar to the way that the knight moves to take the rook in chess, the Humboldt Lab Dahlem makes surprising moves under the label “Knight Moves.” They act as small, isolated interventions in the permanent exhibition and can be precisely employed. This method can be used to narrate the history of selected museum objects in a broader way and to simultaneously test current trends in presentation forms. The Knight Moves' display “Benin/Surinam” addressed the history of the object against the background of slave trading. “Purnakumbha” returned an object to its context by holding a real religious ceremony. And the “Mirror Ball Constellation” by the artist Theo Eshetu expanded the context of the museum by means of an everyday object that triggered a wide range of associations.

You can find a detailed description of the project here.

Project "Jumpers", Installation "Purnakumbha", Photo: Jens Ziehe