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Dominic Huber, director and stage designer, blendwerk gmbh, has been working with colleagues like Sebastian Nübling, Peter Licht and Stefan Kaegi since finishing his architectural studies at the ETH Zurich. He has developed his own installational theater projects in various cities including Zurich, Berlin and New York. In cooperation with Rimini Protokoll he created a multi-player installation called "Situation Rooms." His favored settings are spaces that are not seen only from an audience point of view, but can be entered and experienced spatially by individuals and groups.

In realising "Enchantment / Beauty Parlour" he worked together with Ute Freitag (artistic assistant/ set builder), Marianne Schwarzbach (set design assistant), Lara Körte (voice, stand-in video), Georg Werner (controls, programming), Knut Jensen (sound design), and Sven Nichterlein (lighting).

Paola Ivanov, ethnologist and curator of the African collection at the Ethnologisches Museum since 2012. She has held teaching and research posts at the universities of Munich and Bayreuth amongst others. Professorial dissertation: "Translocality, consumerism and aesthetics in Islamic Zanzibar. A practice theoretical study." Bayreuth 2013. Exhibitions: "Benin – 500 Years of Courtly Art from Nigeria" (Berlin).

Maike Schimanowski holds a diploma in cultural work and is studying for her M.A. in African art history at the Freie Universität Berlin. She published her English diploma thesis "Liquid Identities. The Invention of Cultural Identity by Means of Hybridization" in 2004 and has lived in Tanzania’s Southern Highlands for over three years.

Jasmin Anna-Karima Mahazi, doctoral candidate at the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies, FU Berlin, is writing her dissertation on the oral literature of Bajuni farmers of the northern Swahili Coast. She studied anthropology, African and Arabic studies, specializing in Swahili literature and culture. Having grown up in the historic Swahili port of Lamu, she has been familiar with its culture since her childhood.

Andrea Rostásy, visual artist and media curator. Since 1995 she has been working in concept development and realization of spatial media installations for commercial projects and exhibitions worldwide. Since 2013 she has been contributing to projects for the Humboldt Lab Dahlem, for example, in the project management for "Travelogue."

Maimuna Abdalla Said Difini, born and raised on the island of Lamu in the Indian Ocean, is a traditional Swahili beautician. She lives and works in Mombasa, where she completed a modern training as beautician. Since then she has worked as hairdresser and beautician in beach hotel beauty parlors as well as for private Swahili clients, especially in bridal preparations for Swahili weddings.

Skanta Design / Fragrance Design was responsible for the fragrance design.