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"As never before / As never again," Ant Hampton and Britt Hatzius, 2014, photo: Jens Ziehe
"The Exhibition," lecture demonstration by Dorothea von Hantelmann, photo: Sebastian Bolesch
Visitor of the performative conference with playbill, photo: Sebastian Bolesch
"Cannibals and Forms of Life," Alexandra Pirici, performed by Maria Baroncea, Sandhya Daemgen, Jared Marks, Foto: Sebastian Bolesch, photo: Sebastian Bolesch
"Museum for the Blind," lecture performance by Kapwani Kiwanga, photo: Sebastian Bolesch
Curator Siegmar Nahser in the depot for the East Asian collection, Ethnologisches Museum, photo: Sebastian Bolesch
"Ins Tanzen," choreography by deufert&plischke, photo: Sebastian Bolesch
"performing labour contracts, made in Taiwan (to love is give) #booty_n’Dahlem_version2," Ulf Aminde & Shi-Wei Lu, installation after the performative conference, Museum für Asiatische Kunst, photo: Jens Ziehe

Please click on a picture above to open the slide show with installation views of “Appropriations” and impressions of the performative conference on November 16, 2014.